Los Bagus Tiga

Los Bagus Tiga


Oh What a Night…Well Two actually!!

Two nights of art, photography, music and delicious Indonesian food!

The third ‘Los Bagus’ event at ‘The Lock up’ was a massive hit, thanks to two wonderful local Broome artist/lovers of all things art and community, Isla Birnie and Leah Rumbunkle who have been putting this event together the for last few years with great success.

Lucky for me,  the girls invited a few more artists to get on board this time round. Joining in with other local artists and photographers Steve Cutts, Bek Treacy, Sam Heseltine and the amazing two ladies who put it all together Leah Rakabundel & Isla Birnie. Massive shout out to the girls and of course the Chefs and Musicians for creating the vibe! 

Check out Leah and Isela art at: @iselart  and  @leahrakabundel_art


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