SOLD “Dhu Fish” - Commission piece 80cmx60cm Acrylic on canvas 

SOLD "Head Diver" Commission Piece. 100cm x 150cm Acrylic on canvas


Available  "Blue Swimmer" Original acrylic on canvas 90cm x 60cm available via online shop or contact directly. 


Various work from the "Cattle Yard Collection" - Available via online shop 

SOLD 60cm x 80cm "Betty Brahman"

SOLD: Ink on Linen  "Bold Brahman" 80cm x 120cm 

 SOLD "Blue Manner" 120cm x 120cm acrylic on canvas

SOLD "Midnight Brahman" 120cm X 170cm acrylic on canvas 

SOLD "The Hard Hat"  1m X 1m acrylic on canvas 

SOLD Original

"The Painted Cray" 120cm X 80cm Acrylic on Canvas  Available

1/25 Limited edition prints available on my online shop

SOLD "Two Dusty Bulls" 90cm x 70cm Acrylic on Canvas  

SOLD "Mystery Road Brahman" 120cm x 100cm acrylic on canvas(featured on the ABC drama "Mystery Road")

SOLD "Deep Sea Diver" 90cm x 65cm Acrylic on canvas 


Original SOLD

"Into The Blue"  Acrylic on Canvas 70cm X 45cm  Commission 

Limited Edition 1/25 available $240 in my online shop 


 Original Acrylic on Canvas 120cm X 90cm "Standing Ground" 

"Cray" Watercolour and pen, fine art prints available in my online

Original "Blue Swimmer"
75cm X 75cm acrylic on canvas $820
Original "The Hard Hat" acrylic on canvas 120cm X 120cm 
$1700 (plus shipping) 
"The Bull" Original
"Pindan Brahman"  Original
 Ink and Acrylic on canvas both 1m X 1m 
"The Deep Blue"Original
75cm x 100cm Acrylic on Canvas 
"The Brahman" Original 
Acrylic/Ink on Canvas 75cm x 100cm
"Ornate Crayfish" Original
Acrylic on canvas  75cm x 100cm
SOLD Western Crayfish 80cm x 120cm acrylic on canvas
SOLD Original 100cm x 75cm
A2 & A3 Prints Available in the 'Under The Sea" Collection
Wall mural commission at the "The Aarli" restaurant Broome WA