Broome Shinju Matsuri "Peoples Choice" 2019

Broome Shinju Matsuri "Peoples Choice" 2019


I was very proud to paint this the portrait of a well loved Broome man Ahmat Bin Fadal as my entry to for the 2019 Shinju Matsuri Art Awards

In 1962 Ahmat travelled from Singapore to the old Broome Jetty with the promise of riches. Today he lives on as one of the last remaining Pearl Divers of famous Hard Hat Pearling era that continue to inspires me. 

Thank you to Ahmat for letting me paint your portrait and capture that big smile that is so well loved in Broome.

I also want to thank everyone who voted it in as the "PEOPLE'S CHOICE 2019" award! (I believe the popularity of the subject may have had a bit to do with it) never the less I am very proud and humbled by the award.


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