The love of Brahman



The first five years of my life I grew up in the Pilbara region of W.A some of my most vivid memories were visiting cattle stations and being petrified of these huge beasts. Moving to the Kimberley, I would encounter these big beautiful characters on the side of the highway, often coming to a stand-off in the middle of the road "You move, NO YOU move" and eventually a disgruntled bull would trot off the road as if to say "FINE, IF I HAVE TO"!! Their big doe eyes and their unique personality that can be seen in every single brahman I believe is what inspires me.

Since painting bulls/cows I found it is not just me who has been wooed by these animals, for some reason Brahman has captured the heart of so many people who live or pass through the region. I have had many people share stories and explain their own connection to them which is a continual inspiration to me. I can proudly say I have Brahman paintings all over Australia, from country Vic, Geraldton, Darwin, Queensland and all over the Kimberley.   Keep an eye out, you might just spot one of my paintings while travelling the west Kimberley.